Inviting people for events like Wedding, Engagement, House Warming Ceremony, Birthday Party, Official or Unofficial meets has got new trendy approach.

We are presenting you with the new stylish approach which is trending among the new generation.

The same old traditional way of inviting is lame for the new generation.

Imagine your own picture as an attractive caricature on your invitation.

This formal or informal invitation can be sent as cards and also as an attractive poster through Whats app, FaceBook, Insta, etc.

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In Sangme digital production there is so many caricature gift made. The greatest enjoyment is to successfully capture for the entertainment of a soul in their caricature. One of our most caricature gift pursuits! Sangme digital production has done more than 3000 plus caricatures to date. We do customized gifts that make your gifted person more memorable. We do the best-enjoying caricature gift for any celebration. Caricature gift for corporate office, caricature gift for birthday party, wedding ceremony caricature gift, retirement caricature gift, Valenti's day caricature gift, home ceremony caricature gift, etc.Sangme digital production is a big famous where and when he gives caricature gifts on time and the best service in delivery.Sangme digital production caricatures gifts are very fast with a remind able likeness. Our caricatures gifts are great for any occasion parties.

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