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Book your Tattoo appointment with us! We offer home service. Kindly Call us:- +91 91649 91648
for Tattoo inquiries and bookings. Price starts from 300 rupees square inch after 10 inches we provide you a 50% discount.

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Best and the most famous tattoo studio in Bangalore, Sangme Tattoo Studio is now all set to take on Bangalore. Started in 2007,Sangme tattoo studio has been fortunate enough to have world-famous tattoo artists work with and share their knowledge.Today, Sangme Tattoo Studio is the biggest and best tattoo studio in Bangalore. Compared to all the tattoo shops in Bangalore, Sangme Tattoo Studio is a class apart.


We are one of the very few tattoo studios in India that maintain the highest standards of hygiene. There are no regulations on tattoo studios in India but Sangme Tattoo Studio functions at International standards for hygiene. Our various visiting artists from all over the world have been surprised by our standards.

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